Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: Missha Mexico order


So, long time no see, I'm just going to go straight to the review u_u ...

I purchased an order in Missha Mexico website (because I live in Mexico) and here's the result of that xD.

  • Time Revolution The First Treatment Limited Set (3 pieces of 30ml each)
  • Yei Hyun Emulsion (140ml)
  • The Style Nail Polish Remover (100ml)
  • Free: Gift Set #1 
    • Swetish Red Mango Body Mist (120ml)
    • Mini Set Signature Glam Art Roge (No4)

Subtotal: $500 MXN (pesos mexicanos)
Shipment: $60 MXN
Total: $560

Order Date: February 6th, 2016
Shipped Date: Februray 8th, 2016
Shipment Method: Red Pack

Got it on: February 12th, 2016

Time Revolution The First Treatment Limited Set (3 pcs, 30ml each)

Click here to see the product's website description (in spanish)
I totally LOVE THIS, I'm going to purchase the full size product ($700 MXN) soon, I started using this since I got it on 2/12/16 on my morning and night routines (I have a skincare routine now \o/ ) and I honestly can see a difference on my skin, it's brighter (not more white but brighter) it feels fresh, light (yep, my face feels light) and healthy, I haven't had any breakouts (just these past days but just a few, because I'm on that time of the month), I noticed a change since the first time I use this and after one month I see more improvements in my skin, my wrinkles (I do have wrinles) are disappearing, at least those line expressions I have around my mouth, and the makeup feels and looks better than before.

Yei Hyun Emulsion (140ml)

Click here to see the product's website description (in spanish)
It says it is to moisture, relax, smooth and balance your skin and it should be used after applying the essence and in the mornings before makeup to keep the skin moisturaized.
I only use it at nights becuase somehow when I use it in the morning I get my face all irritated and it's just not cool, this didn't wow me and I don't want to just throw it out, it does moisturize my skin but I only use it at nights, I don't like much the smells, it's like feet lotion smell-like, I don't know how to put it, I just don't like it much. I won't be purchasing this in the future and I won't recommend this at all, I don't see any improvement on my skin other than just moisturize it (I have oily skin), this is absorved really fast and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. It's not bad, but it's not wow xD. But then, it was $180 MXN.

The Style Nail Polish Remover (100ml)

Click here to see the product's website description (in spanish)
This one is really amazing, it removes the nail polish without any struggle, it's fast and you don't need a lot of product to work, I love it! I used two cotton pads with a few product on them to remove the nail polish from both of my hands, maybe it's because I never had a nail polish remover before that this one is so amazing for me haha, so please ignore me. This was $40 MXN

FREE: Gift Set

SO, it seems that in Missha Mexico you get free gifts based on how much you spend, and because I spent between $500 and $999 MXN I got the following:
  • Swetish Red Mango Body Mist (120ml)

          It does smells like mango but is not a strong scent, I'm not a body mist person but I do like it.

  • Mini Set Signature Glam Art Roge (No4)

           This really is mini haha, the case is really cute and it is small so you can have it in your purse or bag or whatever, it's travel friendly haha, I like the colors, the texture and how they look. I was actually impressed on how they last xD, also you can mix 2 colors to have that gradient look on your lips. 

I also got as gifts a Missha 2016 calendar with my order, a pen and 3 samples.


The samples are 3 M Perfect Cover BB Cream in shades 21, 23 and 27 and one sample of M Signature Real Complete BB Cream, not sure in what shade.

Missha Pen
Isn't the pen super cute?! It looks like a lipstick (I was hoping it was u_u)


Ok, this is all for today, I will try to post about my purchase in Beautynetkorea tomorrow, I will be reviewing the following:
  • Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
  • Holika Holika Daily Garden Citron Fresh Cleansing Foam
  • Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
  • The Saem Thanakha Pore Tightening Serum
  • Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 10 in 1
  • The Saem Tip Concealer
Click HERE to go to Missha Mexico website.

OK, now that will be all, see ya!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm alive! + TOM (Tokyo Otaky Mode)

I know almost all of my posts begin with "long time no see" or stuff like that, oh well.. I tried to commit myself into this reviewing thing but either I don't have money to buy stuff online or I don't have the time to make a post about the things I did buy. Not cool, I know.

I have some memory issues so I can't recall what was my last purchase online, I just remember (yesterday) that I bought some special edition figure from Tokyo Otaku Mode , so let me tell you what I can remember about this.


Price: $105.99 USD
Purchase date: November 4th, 2014
Shipped date: February 24th, 2015
Got it on: March 2nd, 2015

I got it for my boyfriend's birthday (January 4th), and I just got it yesterday, he (boyfriend) has waited 2 months now, he won't get mad if he waits 3 more days hehe.

My Opinion: I have to say that I like the website, it's easy to navigate, there are safe payment options and the delivery is actually fast and considerably cheap, with every package I get:

  • Items I ordered
  • 1 TOM (Tokyo Otaku Mode) pin 
  • 1 Plastic Folder (with anime printing, really cute) 
  • 1 "Thank you" card
I think that's cute, not all online stores gives you things as thank you for purchasing their items (or at least I haven't had the luck). 

The package is not fancy but it's safe and it came all in perfect state.

What I don't like is that there's not much variety regarding the item's themes, there's a lot of Evangelion, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titans. Don't get me wrong, I love those but I'd like to see some old anime figures like Shaman King, Sakura Card Captors, Clover, Escaflowne, more of my time (I'm old, I know). 


Oh!, and if you create an account (because you can also buy without having one) you get "TOM points" and coupons each time you buy something and you can use them to buy things later.

Well, that's all so far.

I'll talk later about the MRI I test I took yesterday. So funy............

See ya!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: BB Cream HOT PINK skin79 from WD.CM (Imitation)

Well, hello.

I got lost after my trip to Playa del Carmen, then a lot of work, some other projects and I go on a trip next week, so I've been busy and not posting at all :'( so, today I'll be doing a review of a product I purchased from WD.CM.

I usually buy clothes, shoes and accessories, but one boring day I decided to order something else, as you can see in the website there is a section named "Beauty Health" as well as "Electronics" and stuff, so I was looking through the Beauty Health section and I saw BB Creams! :O it said "Free Shipping" so I placed an order with

SO, I order all those items but I've only received 2, and the BB cream was a disaster, at least I didn't like it, not because I don't like the hot pink bb cream but because this is an imitation so... the pictures above:

That's how it was after I took it out of the box, FULL OF DUST... DUST!

Right after I saw the dust I went to check the hologram and well it's all plain, while in the originals it's shinny with a watermark pattern like this one:

So, it is an imitation...  still I decided it once: 

Can you see it looks all lumpy? It also felt that way

Pores not closed

It felt light at first but while applying it was all sticky and not closing pores at all, it was oily, it didn't oxidize like the original, it stayed like two tones whiter than my skin tone, my skin looked lumpy and like a white mask with or without flash, and it felt awful, heavy and oily.

I took just a few pictures and I will never use that thing again, it felt awful. SO different than the original I had use before.

Now... I don't recommend at all to boy beauty products from and neither the "Free Shipping" products, they cost almost the same as if you pay the shipping and it's not guaranteed that you get them, so, if you shop in you better pay shipment and buy only clothes, shoes, accessories and bags... it's what I can tell you for sure you won't regret.

That would be all for today! I'll post a review from my trip to Playa del Carmen :) I bought everything from one site (hotel, plain tickets, tours, meals) and it was 30K (mexican pesos). 

See ya!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Order arrived!


One of the packages I was expecting finally arrived yesterday! I went to the warehouse to get it because I couldn't wait for the truck to deliver it to my house hehe. 

It wasn't much, I'm now at work so when I get home I'll do a full review, meanwhile, here are the items I got :D

Vogue Cross Hollow Out Back Pure Color Bikini Dress Maxi Dress White i4641700
Price: $7.03 
Warehouse: Factory
Size: Free Size
Color: White
03/09/2014: Out of stock
Weight: 300 gr

Website details:
  • Length: 88 cm
  • Bust: 116 - 152 cm
  • Fabric: Cotton

Mecha Girl Sad One-piece Swimsuit As The Picture i5273874
Price: $7.91 
Warehouse: Factory
Size: Free Size
Color: As the picture
Available stock up to 03/09/2014: 100
Weight: 180 gr

Website details:
  • Bust: 88 - 112 cm
  • Hip: 90 - 115 cm
  • Waist: 70 - 100 cm
  • Fabric: Polyester + Spandex

Fashion Pleated Sleeveless Chiffon Dress Blue i5163639
Price: $14.00 
Warehouse: Factory
Size: M 
Available Size: S, M, XL, XXL
Color: Blue
Available stock up to 03/09/2014: 100 
Weight: 350 gr

Website details:
  • Fabric: Chiffon


Hot Sale European Mockingjay Round Necklace Bronze i5099473
Price: $1.02 
Warehouse: Factory
Size: Free 
Color: Bronze
03/09/2014: Out of stock
Weight: 100 gr

Website details:
  • Circumference: 68 cm
  • Material: Alloy

Plus Size High Quality Calorie Burn Body Shaping 680D Semi-Opaque Compression Pantyhose Tights Black i4228458
Price: $3.51 
Warehouse: China / United Arab Emirates
Size: Free 
Color: Black
Available stock up to 03/09/2014: 1 (China) / 29 (United Arab Emirates)
Weight: 130 gr
Note: Ships in 24 hrs

Website details:
  • Height: 155 - 180 cm
  • Hip: 80 - 125 cm
  • Fabric: 83.8%Nylon+16.2% Spandex

Plus Size Pure Color Add Crotch Core-spun Silk Pantyhose Black i5163590
Price: $1.08 
Warehouse: China / Japan / United Arab Emirates / Russia / Malaysia
Size: Free 
Color: Black
Available stock up to 03/09/2014: 532 / 765 / 128 / 60 / 9
Weight: 150 gr
Note: Ships in 24 hrs

Website details:
  • Fabric: Core-Spun Silk

This is all, I also order a pair of sandals but they were out of stock after I placed my order and didn't get them :(. I just needed the 3 first items for my trip haha, I'll be posting the pictures and my opinion (after I try them out) later today! If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, critics, or whatever, leave a comment : ) Bye!

Monday, September 1, 2014



I'm waiting for 4 orders...

3 from WD.CM and 1 of them was splitted in 3 packages so I'm waiting for 5 packages from WD.CM AND another package from GoodExpress

I'm leaving in 2 more weeks and I need what's in those packages for my trip! OMG I'M GOING TO DIEEEE I NEED THEM ALL!!!!!!!